We build custom wheelchairs for dogs


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Modullo is an innovative, bespoke wheelchair for paralyzed dogs.

Each wheelchair is manufactured from scratch, for each patient, in our own studio and is a result of 8 years of design. And, yes, Modullo is tested on (happy) animals, in real-world conditions.

It comes bespoke for the dog’s size and specific needs, allowing a full set of adjustments. It is available for patients with either back or front legs paralysis, and we do offer support for the dogs with unusual needs, so, please, bear in mind that the consultation with us is essential before the order placement.

After 8 years of designing and building several functional models, all thoroughly tested on his dog Aluna, Andrei founded Modullo.

He took the concept of helping disabled dogs a step further and instead of just enabling them to regain basic mobility, he tried to find the solution that will also cover the rest of their natural needs: comfort, play and rest.